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Product Information

Opinions about the iPhone 4S are certainly divided. I would say they are divided in 4 groups: Apple fans, apple haters, people with objective opinions, and people who quite frankly don’t care about any of that. The iPhone 4S had been significantly improved on few areas, but some had remained the exact same as in previous versions. Anyway, before its release, people had been making (up) numerous rumors about the iPhone 4s. From its bare name and design all the way to ground breaking new features. Well almost all of them were wrong, to say the least! Apple surprised all of us with the same design and the well known „S“. It was something like: iPhone 5 this, iPhone 5 that, iPhone 5 will do this, iPhone 5 will do that, etc. Well, face expressions on millions of people speak for themselves when Apple officially announced iPhone !4S!.

Now let’s take a look at some key features of the 4S… Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but numbers speak for themselves as well. Screen and display have remained the exact same as in the iPhone 4; 3.5 inch led backlit capacitive screen with 640×960 (still good) resolution. Amount of RAM is also the same at 512 MB, whereas the internal storage has been doubled at maximum of 64 GB.

Ah, the camera is quite special on this one. With the iPhone 4S one can make shots at 8mp resolution, while the video camera is capable of capturing videos in full hd (1080p). Both camera and video camera are supported with an LED flash for low light conditions. Those are just some numbers to many people, but at the same time a lot of people with an objective point of view will agree that this camera was the best phone camera available. Even the microphone is amazing, sound of the video is nothing less than super-realistic. Also, the iPhone 4S comes with a built in GPS with A-GPS support and GLONASS, so you or your phone will never get lost (or stolen).

There is also another feature that had a great deal in the phones name- the SIRI.

Anyhow, SIRI is a program in the iPhone 4S that can do anything for you (in the phone limits). Anything that you can do with your phone, SIRI does for you and „she“is controlled by your voice. Just give her the command like: set up phone alarm to 6 a.m., and she will do it, in silent mode (you can’t see her while she’s actually doing it). SIRI is now available for iPhone 4 also, but doesn’t come included. Some say that it is named SIRI because it spells IRIS backwards, and IRIS was a goddess of messages in Greek mythology. but let’s leave that one to historians, shall we.

Needless to say, you need some serious power to back all those features up. Well, the processor on the iPhone 4s certainly does the trick. The powerful CORTEX-A9, 1 GHz double core processor is responsible for the smoothness on the iPhone 4S. Its ancestor, the iPhone 4 packed „only“ a single cored, 1 GHz processor, which was more than enough to smoothly control camera and some demanding features.

Graphic processing unit (GPU) on the iPhone 4S is the “PowerVR SGX543MP2”. But I bet that complicated name means nothing to you. Let’s just say that playing games and streaming HD videos on the 4S is awesome!

Well, this phone looks almost the same as its ancestor, but features and its performance are quite up to date, and the iPhone 4S can even now compete with current top dogs of the smartphone market.

Oh yes, and all that would cost you from 400 to 800$ depending on version (white or black; 16, 32, or 64GB of storage).

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